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"Newsletter Marketing is the #1 SECRET WEAPON of Today's Most Successful Small Businesses?"

In business one fundemental truth reins supreme
"Your Profits Are In Your Database"
In todays economy... so is YOUR SURVIVAL!


In any business where you sell your services and products, you MUST be in regular and frequent contact with your current customers, clients, and prospects if you plan to survive and thrive.

This is known as 'Building Your Fence'

Your fence is designed to keep your clients and customers "IN" and the rabid competition who are insistently trying to poach your herd "OUT"!

The #1 Time-Tested and proven way to get MORE PROFITS, get MORE REFERRALS and keep your customers coming back to your service business MORE OFTEN, spending more and more money is with a properly designed and positioned Monthly Client Newsletter.

In fact super successful business owner and International renowned marketing expert Bill Glazer puts it this way:

"Who should be sending out newsletters to their customers,
clients, patients, prospects?  The answer is EVERYBODY!!! 

That’s right; there is not a business on the planet that couldn’t
benefit BIG TIME with a monthly company newsletter."

If that's true (and it IS) then why doesn’t every business use one? That is an easy question to answer.

Newsletters can be unbelievabley difficult and time consuming to produce. That is why most companies that actually do have a “monthly” newsletter only send one out about three to four times per year!

Unfortunately, research proves if you don't communicate with your "herd" at least monthly in a meaningful and welcomed way the power and effectiveness of your communication is severly diminished.

If you'd like to learn the insider secrets of how to properly (and easily) harness the power and profits of newsletter marketing simply enter your Name and Email Address Below, then click on the "Instant Access" button to listen in for FREE to an exclusive For Chem-Dry Franchisees ONLY teleseminar held a short while ago.

You'll hear from a leading newsletter copywriting expert who will show you the stealth techniques, and secret tactics using powerful consumer psychology that he uses which will have your customers bonding with you like super glue.  As well you'll hear from several fellow Chem-Dry franchisees who are having great success using newsletters to grow their business profits.

To your success!
Fellow Service Business Owners

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